V Diamonds Caviar Leather Purse

V Diamonds Caviar Leather Purse



A classic quilted bag in the timeless style, which has sealed modern fashion indelibly with finesse and timeless charm, here with high-tech gazi in an alternative style.

The bag is sewn in genuine greek calf leather high quality; The lining also consists of leather.

Measurements: Height 16 x Width 25 x Bottom 7 cm

Εσωτερικά η τσάντα χωρίζεται σε 3 διαμερίσματα με τμήμα που προστατεύεται από ξεχωριστό δερμάτινο καπάκι, ενώ υπάρχει και μια θήκη με φερμουάρ. Εξωτερικά υπάρχει μια μικρή θήκη στο πίσω μέρος.

The strap extends to apply the bag as crossbody bag.

There is capability for a variety of options, and faux or genuine leather, as well as other individual changes (lining, size and more).

All our products are manufactured in Greece by Greek specialized designers, with materials of high quality and Greek origin.

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Amethyst, Silver, Light Blue, Grey, Electric, Kamel, Brown, Yellow, Red, Koufeti, Lavender, White, Black, Mint, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Pink, Beige, Blue, Burgundy, Bronze, Purple, Ice, Orange, Green, Pink, Gold

Hardware (Chain, Clasp, Parts)

Silver, Black Nickel, Gold

Δερμάτινη Φόδρα

Black, Red, Beige, Kamel, Gold, Silver, Pink

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